Marine Graphics and Wraps

Your Brand On The Water with Marine Graphics

Eyes on your brand shouldn't stop at the dock.

With marine graphics and wraps from Matthews Mobile Media, you can ensure your brand will be noticed and recognized, no matter the body of water. Our eye-catching designs and vibrant colors upgrade your boat or fleet to a maritime marketing campaign.

Let us use our expertise to help you reach a wider audience on the water than you ever thought possible. You can expect the highest level of professionalism from our team throughout the entire process. Matthews Mobile Media stays up to date on the latest technology in custom boat graphics and is committed to producing the highest quality graphics and most exciting designs while delivering unmatched service and installation.

If you're looking for full boat wraps, transom wraps, custom boat lettering, decals or apparel, our team is ready to enhance your maritime marketing efforts.

Full Boat Wraps

Whether you're a fishing charter, diving company or boat rental company keen on bringing relaxation to your customers, full boat wraps turn your vessels into floating billboards for your brand. Our full boat wraps ensure thousands of eyes are on your brand every single day as you glide through the water with ease. It doesn't matter if you need to wrap one boat or your entire fleet; we've literally got you covered.

Transom Wraps

We consider transom wraps to be our specialty. Not every boat requires a bow to stern graphic to be noticed on the water. In fact, more often than not, water traffic gets a better look at the stern of your vessel than the bow. Make sure your brand is visible in all of the right places with a transom wrap from Matthews Mobile Media.

Boat Lettering

The name of your boat is important, however, the vessel's registration number is even more so. Let Matthews Mobile Media handle the important details with custom boat lettering.


Do you have sponsors that need to be easily visible on your vessel? Is there a logo, emblem or symbol that means something personal to you? Matthews Mobile Media can take care of any custom stickers or decals that you desire.

Custom Apparel

Your vessels aren't the only part of your brand that water traffic should be noticing. We also offer custom apparel for your hard-working crew and for merchandising.

Why You Need a Boat Wrap or Graphic

  • Commercial vessels and fleets need to have their brand easily recognized on the water.
  • Tournament boats need to have their sponsors easily visible.
  • It's bad luck to be on a boat without a name and registration number.

Our Process

Free Survey/Quote

Give us a call today and tell us more about what you're looking for. Take our survey and get a free quote for any job.


You can provide the artwork or we can give you some guidance. Either way, our graphic designers are here to get you on the right track. We love seeing our customer's eyes light up when we provide them with a colorful, eye-catching graphic for everyone to see on their vessel.


Our installation process is easy and convenient. It doesn't matter if it's at our facility or on location, our crew is ready to tackle your install. Once you have pulled the boat out of the water, wraps usually take one or two days to install, depending on the size of the graphic. When we are finished, wait 24 hours for the sealant to cure before putting your vessel back in the water.

What sets us apart?

  • Matthews Mobile Media is 3M Certified.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering a flawless installation for every customer.
  • We have almost 30 years of experience installing graphic wraps.