COVID Products & Branded Protective Equipment

Customized Protective Equipment for Your Team

Since the spring of 2020, businesses and organizations across the entire globe have taken extra measures in sanitation and safety to discourage the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Personal protective equipment is now an important uniform component for many members of the workforce, even outside of healthcare fields. Matthews Mobile Media has channeled our expertise in the custom design of mobile vinyl graphics, custom apparel, and dimensional signage into the production of protective equipment and social distancing products.

We will work with you to create personal sneeze guards and shields that can be branded with your business name and logo. Plexiglass barriers can be custom designed for countertop or desktop installation, or can be created to be freestanding. We can also help you with creating social distancing signage and graphics to guide your team and any customers. Contact our team of experts to discuss the needs of your business, and we will advise on the best size and material options.

Sanitary Barriers and Partitions of Your Design

Depending on the layout of your organization, larger plexiglass partitions may be warranted to provide protection in an open office arrangement or retail space. Many businesses are adopting this strategy and installing transparent barriers to separate employee workspaces, and act as barriers in high-traffic areas like check out counters and customer service desks. Matthews Mobile Media can design plexiglass barriers and dividers sized to specifically fit your business, so that your team can continue their work safely and uninterrupted.

Like all of the custom products and services we provide, our experts treat every project as its own unique endeavor. We tailor the design of all protective panels and office partitions as distinctive solutions to suit your particular space and will incorporate your logo and branding into the product. Adding your logo to the new elements of your office or retail space ensures you will stand out and emphasizes your business as a strong, consistent brand.

Maintain Social Distance with Signage and Graphics

Now that you have protection for your team and plexiglass barriers installed, signage and decals with instructions on how to properly utilize these materials will help ensure best practices. Social distancing is an important concept that goes hand-in-hand with the usage of partitions and barriers to help protect businesses, their staff, and customers. Matthews Mobile Media has years of experience in the design and installation of vinyl graphics for vehicles and buildings, so we can help you devise a plan for social distancing decals for your retail floors or walls. Floor decals and mounted social distancing signs can help guide your staff and customers to maintain a certain distance from others and lead them through your retail floor.

There are many options for social distancing plastic shields in terms of size and design. Get in touch with our team today to discuss the needs of your business, and we will work with you to create a custom solution to ensure a safe and convenient environment for your team and clients.

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