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Exterior Graphics

Here, at Matthews Mobile Media, we don’t just specialize in high-quality vehicle graphics and wraps. Our team has extensive experience in creating top-of-the-line exterior environmental graphics for businesses throughout Greensboro and the Triad. Our expert design team and production crew will ensure your absolute satisfaction from concept design through the final installation.

Outdoor business signage can be a critical component of any successful business. Outdoor architectural signage is a direct reflection of who you are as a brand and what your customers think of you. Implementing outdoor architectural graphics for your business is a way to bring a highly cost-effective marketing that works 24/7. This requires no campaigns, outreach or any sort of online interaction.

Our architectural graphics will help your business achieve a more professional appearance.

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Benefits of Outdoor Business Signage

As an industry leader in high-quality wraps, we pride ourselves on enhancing location identification and helping you achieve a more professional appearance.


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Drive Brand Awareness

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fledgling startup company in a competitive industry or an established business that’s looking for additional exposure, adding high-quality custom outdoor signage will boost awareness.


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Advertise Sales or New Products

Nothing alerts your customers to new sales or promotions quite like vibrant exterior business signage. A carefully designed high-quality signage is like a magnet for customers who are ready to make a purchase now.

Outdoor Business Signage Are 24 / 7 Sales Reps

Exterior architectural graphics are not sporadic or temporary like other forms of advertising. Whatever the conditions are, exterior signage works to attract your potential customer’s attention. You can grow your business around the clock with outdoor signage.

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Whether you’re looking for a large exterior business sign, a construction fence wrap, or an architectural piece, we can do it all! Send a message with big, bold and beautiful exterior outdoor graphics.

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