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Our own Eddie Gafford spent 20 hours mentoring Aaron B, a senior at Northern Guilford High School in the world of graphics design and mobile marketing as part of a senior project.

Eddie and Aaron spent time together going over the entire process from contacting customers, listening to their needs, developing a project plan, graphics design, graphic printing, graphics finishing and finally graphic installation.

Below is a quote by Aaron regarding his experience:

“As a senior at Northern Guilford High School, I was required to shadow someone to be my mentor and basically learn what that person does. I have always been interested in graphic design and because of this I chose Eddie Gafford, the General Manager at Matthews Mobile Media. Being here at M3 has only furthered my interest and knowledge in graphic design. Learning about what M3 does for various companies and organizations has really opened my eyes to advertising. With the help of M3, companies can grow their business quickly and effectively. I have enjoyed my time here at Matthews Mobile Media and look forward to hearing about what company they help out next!” 

While Aaron had many nice things to say about his time at Matthews, we can’t help to be excited that his time with us might have sparked an interest in advertising as a career!

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